Scialacori, siculamente buono. Brand and Social Identity.

Scialacori is a project of degree Thesis designed by Paola. She is a italian graphic designer and she attended the course “Visual and Innovation Design at Rufa (Rome Fine Art in Rome) in Rome. She followed my course “Corporate Identity and Guidelines and she is a brilliant student, very creative with a great passion for brand identity. In the 2016  she graduaded with  Thesis_ “Scialacori” Siculamente buono. Project Brand and Social Identity.
She designed a brand identity for the Food Track company who promotes the sicilian food. The Food Truck is a mobile platform and It is a way of life the relationship between a culture and roots, reinventing typical dishes in an innovative, practical and tasty way.

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Tradition and Quality to taste for the road to know the dishes of sicily tradition

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Paola said about her project:
<< What you find in your hands is not just a communication theory and visual design, but a path that represents me, my land, my roots and the desire to know and enjoy those products that have always been part of my traditions . Sicily is, yes, arancini-cannoli-sea-sun, but it’s also so many other things that do not really know where to start. It’s history. Architecture. Mathematics. Music. Benches in the sun, marinas full of painted wooden boats, elegant cities. And then the earth, prickly pears, dialect, Montalbano, Archimedes, Falcone and Borsellino. But above all, the real Sicily is in the smile of the people who greet you like you’re family, like I was back at home.

For me, Sicily is as if it were a real person, when there are no I miss. In Sicily you live in another rhythm. People opens the shops when he wakes up, not necessarily at a definite time.

The road signs are few and poorly made because as much “one the road to where it needs to go in the know.” Then slowly you realize that to live slow life is good. It is the natural rhythm of life. Scialacori, he is the name I chose for my traveling friend. A name with a double meaning, speaking of Scialacori food means you are eating something that gives pleasure to the taste and delicacy. If you happen to hear the phrase “A truly Scialacori”, it means that this is a sunny person and gives joy to others. Unless you’re simply looking Montalbano!….

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If you would like to see more about the project you can see on her page of Behance.

I really wish to her a brilliant future!  🙂

For any information about the course of Corporate Identity & Guidelines  for MA Degree Program in Visual and Innovation Design at Rufa (Rome Fine Art in Rome) in Rome.
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