Brand identity workshop

Brand identity workshop
Who is
this workshop for?

The workshop is for young or intermediate students of graphic design, designers, graduates, creatives, business owners, marketing students or professionals, marketing schools, and generally anyone interested in finding out more about brand identity.

What will participants at the workshop learn?

The workshop will help participants to understand all of the fundamental phases and the tools necessary to create a brand identity, including the strategy, the creation of an idea through to its implementation.

When can the workshop be arranged?

The workshop can be scheduled in order to fit in with the school’s academic calendar and it can be flexible.

How many days does
the workshop last?

The workshop can last a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5, depending on the agreed programme.

Where can the workshop be held?

The workshop can be held at schools, educational establishments, companies or at any requested venue.

Why should I do this workshop?

This workshop can help anyone to improve their visual communication skills and learn more about the creative process for best communicating your own idea or brand.

Do I need a degree
or a qualification
in graphic design
to attend?

No, participants must be interested in, or studying, art, fashion, marketing, branding, design and the sector of visual communication.

What is the difference between this workshop and a lecture?

The workshop develops different arguments about brand identity and covers a number of theoretical and practical aspects.
The lecture and master class are one-day events at which Agnese Angelini shares her experience as a brand designer, outlining some of her projects to participants who want to learn from her expertise about aspects of brand identity.

Why should I choose Agnese’s workshop?

Agnese began her career as a graphic designer in 1993 and over two decades she has worked for some of the most important brand agencies in Europe. She has extensive experience of working as a creative director responsible also for brand strategy, and has collaborated with creative teams for some major brands.
At the workshops Agnese shares her experience and the know-how acquired at some of Europe’s leading brand agencies and provides the necessary tools for creating a modern and efficient brand identity.

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