Agnese Angelini
is a brand designer, educator & art historian

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Italy I Love You

Branding & Identity
Design Workshop
for professional

The Branding & Identity Design workshop is a professional opportunity for young or intermediate students of graphic design, designers, graduates, creatives, business owners, marketing students or professionals, marketing schools, and anyone interested in finding out more about brand identity […]

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The workshop will help to provide all of the elements necessary to create a brand identity through the various phases: from naming to the creative process, through to project implementation and presentation to the client. Each phase is essential to the creation of a brand identity.[…]

Who is Agnese?

Senior designer with more than fifteen years of experience in Corporate & Brand Identity. She worked for the most important brand agencies as internship Brand Designer and she has been enriched by this wide experience.

Teaching & Brand

education, articles, student’s work

Lecture & Award

Lectures, Awards, Publications

  • American Graphic Design Awards 2018

    Winner 2018 - Agnese Angelini Brand Designer Italy i love you designed by Agnese Angelini - Brand Identity...

  • Visual Storytelling

    Visual Storytelling in my Branding identity Class. Visual Storytelling is the art of using images, colors, signs, emotions, experience before design a brand. These elements permit to focus what you want to create, through this creative ...

  • Guest Lecture at The Florence Institute of Design International

    On February 5th, 2017, FIDI hosted a guest lecture by Agnese Angelini on the theme of corporate identity & brand identity. Agnese Angelini is a very successful Italian designer who has maintained a substantial position in the world of design...

Roman Design Path

History of Design in Rome for Global Designers

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