BrandinAmsterdam – Boost your creativity – 2nd – 8th of March 2024

I create this Creative Journey for Rufa University, 5 days of talks, trips to iconic places in London with my students, and colleagues, surrounded by genuine Dutch style.
It was a marvellous and unforgettable adventure. A real “life-changing experience” intended to encourage contaminations and “thinking out of the box” by tackling new visions and prospects but, most especially, to focus on creating a professional network along with exceptional talents from the Dutch design scene.

Amsterdam a city of revolutionary ideas, painters, diamond cutters, brewers, printers and merchants. From Flemish art to the most modern design, Holland has always dared, never backed down and has always been ahead of everyone.

To visit Amsterdam, is to perceive how design is an integral part of everyday life and the culture of design present and tangible everywhere in the city always aimed at innovation. A city that lives in symbiosis with water, water has no limits, free energy and Dutch graphic design is the expression of this energy, free, alternative without limits, revealed everywhere in a multifaceted personality, manifested in graphic creations that are often bold, out of the box, innovative, original, playful and sophisticated.
Amsterdam’s design is colorful, serving the masses with innovative, modern and functional design laced with humor. The city’s canals and neighborhoods canals and neighborhoods are dominated by black cobblestones and dark bricks, but with vibrant shades of orange, red, and black.

I would like to thank one more time all the design studios and excellent professionals who dedicated their time to us and shared their passion and experience;

Studio Dumbar
Peter Bilak
Studio Lava
Hansje Van Halem
Studio Thonik
Kessel & Kramer
Vanessa Van Dem
Haller Brum

My students of BA graphic design  returned home full of enthusiasm, rich in new ideas, motivated to make their dreams come true and build their future.
My thanks also goes to my colleagues Antonio Pace and Emanuele Cappelli, they’ve shared with me this creative journey and special thanks to the Rufa University and the Dean of university Fabio Mongelli which believed in this my project helped me to make all this come true.

Here’s to next year then, and a new and eagerly awaited third edition!

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