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Strategic Brand Identity Course.

What do designers need to know about brand identity and how to become brand designer.

I began my career as a graphic designer in 1993 and i have over three decades of experience in the creation of graphic identities.
In the last 25 years the graphic design has changed a lot and also the vision of graphic identity of a company, service or brand…

Today the brand identity is a key element for the definition of a distinctive brand, it is the combination of symbols, icons, and style: these are not only elements of visual perception, but actually serve to infuse meanings and develop an identity.

When I started teaching at the Schools of Communication Art I thought that the best thing to do was to transfer my experience to the students and let them know about all the changes about the identity. My course will enable students to understand and analyse this new creative direction, and to explore and define the components of Brand Identity. Students will learn the relevant skills and methodologies and how to use the appropriate tools to create a unique, personal and distinctive brand.

Student will develop their own independent personal projects through the visual storytelling of the ideas they intend to create, and using core graphic elements such as the logo, colour palette, icons and typeface selections in order to create a contemporary visual identity.

My job during the course is to make it clear that a brand is not just a set of graphic signs but a set of emotions that make a brand unique. Transferring unique emotions and sensations making a brand unique and better than others.

My Branding & Identity Design Course is a professional opportunity for young or intermediate students of graphic design, designers, graduates, creatives, business owners, marketing students or professionals, marketing schools, and anyone interested in finding out more about brand identity.

The course can be organize in relation of the request of every single school and depending of didactic program.

Lecture at FIDI Florence Institute Of Design International.
email: info@agneseangelini.com

Lecture at RUFA Rome University Fine Art. Visual Mood board study
email: info@agneseangelini.com

Projects & Activities

  • BrandinLondon – Boost your creativity

    A multi-ethnic, vibrant city, full of ever-changing energy, London has always been a beacon of design. And London will be the venue from 4 to 10 March 2023 for students of the BA Graphic Design......

  • Human to Human. Brands changing________with people.

    Exibition in Rufa University. Human to Human. Brands changing with people è la mostra organizzata da studentesse e studenti del corso accademico di secondo livello in Visual Innovation Design in cui insegno Human brand presso l'università Rome Fine Art di Roma...

  • Astrobranding: Creating a brand with stars

    Workshop in Rufa: 17th -21th of October 2022 In the last ten years, branding has undergone major changes by re-evaluating the relationship with the customer through a greater focus on the person and his or her emotions....

  • Branding Photoshoot

    Branding shooting is a essential part of developing and communicating the identity system. Students take original and unique images in order to create the identity and communicate at best the visual of brand. ...

  • Visual Storytelling

    Visual Storytelling in my Branding identity Class. Visual Storytelling is the art of using images, colors, signs, emotions, experience before design a brand. These elements permit to focus what you want to create, through this creative ...

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