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Brand Identity Design course.

What do designers need to know about brand identity and how to become brand designer.

I have been a Brand Designer for more than 30 years. I have gained extensive experience in the creation of visual identities and Branding, initially as an brand designer for leading international brand agencies and then as a freelancer, working to date in Italy and abroad. In 2005, after several years in Italy, I decided to move to Paris and then London to work as a freelancer, enriching my experience and know-how on international branding.

Since 2012, I have taught at universities and academies in Rome, Florence and Milan. With some of them, I have an annual contract with modules incorporated into the curriculum and with other international institutions, I also conduct Workshops or Masterclasses on brand design.

After many years of working on conventional strategies, I have recently incorporated a new approach to branding into my course, which involves reconnecting with people and placing them at the center of the branding process with a more ethical, sustainable and human approach, communicating new visions, ideals and values to the world.

In recent years, marketing and communication have undergone a metamorphosis that sees the traditional marketing paradigm shifting towards an approach increasingly focused on listening to people’s needs and desires. Under this new approach, students are more aware and forward-looking, able to meaningfully understand the decision-making and emotional processes, as well as the ethical and technical aspects involved in optimizing communication so that it can be transformed into a brand that can be memorized, remembered and decoded consistently and effectively.

Students will link “creative and design language” with the ethical and sustainable language developed and implemented in the strategy, to generate a new expressive, more emotional visual language using colors, shapes and images more closely aligned with the profile analyzed and creating the right mood and, above all, creating an exclusive and unique visual identity.

This new design approach is optional and may or may not fit into the program or module of a brand design course.

The brand identity project is fully developed and can be integrated with the creation of guidelines and with development for the digital applications.

Lecture at FIDI Florence Institute Of Design International.
email: info@agneseangelini.com

Lecture at RUFA Rome University Fine Art. Visual Mood board study
email: info@agneseangelini.com

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