Astrobranding: Creating a brand with stars – On October 2022

Workshop from 17th  to 21th of October 2022 – Rome University Fine Art in Rome

Astrobranding. Creating a brand with the stars.

This is a completely new approach in Italy, but very much in use abroad, which starts with an analysis of the customer’s birth chart as a preliminary step to the creation of a brand more appropriate to his personality, and helps to develop and create his own personal brand through the chart of the Sky.

The advantage of having a birth chart analysis enables us to better understand ourselves and to create an ad hoc project with a strong, unique and recognisable identity because it has been created for us, with our peculiarities and characteristics.

The visual identity of the brand is realised through signs, colours and shapes that derive not only from our design expertise but also from deep meanings linked to the astral world to which we all belong.

It is important to note how today Astrology has overcome, through Jungian archetypes, the risk of determinism and ‘not a leaf falls that the planet doesn’t want’ _______ towards an intelligent and constructive use of stellar energies.

I would like to thank RUFA for giving me the opportunity to introduce students to this new methodology and make them more aware of the field experimentation of this new and totally innovative approach. An extra tool, useful in the realisation of projects where it is crucial to identify an effective strategic line, capable of facing market challenges in an original and competent way.

I would also like to thank Dr. Grazia Mirti, an astrologer established in Italy and abroad and specialised in financial astrology, who made herself available to introduce students to this fascinating world and to understand its reliability and potential.

Rufa University Fine Arts



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