Branding & Identity Design Workshop

Brand identity is a key element for the definition of a distinctive brand, it is the combination of symbols, icons, and style: these are not only elements of visual perception, but actually serve to infuse meanings and develop an identity.

Many years ago, the key values of these features were stability, repeatability and coherence and they were long considered fixed points of reference.
Nowadays, however, visual identity is a combination of complex and systematic images, which transform within a dynamic and graphic system.

This workshop will enable participants to understand and analyse this new creative direction, and to explore and define the components of Corporate & Brand Identity. Participants will learn the relevant skills and methodologies and how to use the appropriate tools to create a unique, personal and distinctive brand.

Participants will develop their own independent personal projects through the visual storytelling of the ideas they intend to create, and using core graphic elements such as the logo, colour palette, icons and typeface selections in order to create a contemporary visual identity.

The Branding & Identity Design Workshop is a professional opportunity for young or intermediate students of graphic design, designers, graduates, creatives, business owners, marketing students or professionals, marketing schools, and anyone interested in finding out more about brand identity.

The Workshop will help to provide all of the elements necessary to create a brand identity through the various phases: from naming to the creative process, through to project implementation and presentation
to the client. Each phase is essential to the creation
of a brand identity.

Topics covered during the workshop

The fundamental principles for a branding strategy prior to beginning to create a brand identity.

Brand identity project: from naming to the creative process, through to the project implementation and presentation to the client.

The creative process: visual storytelling of the idea/brand to be created, components of brand identity: logo design, basic brand identity features, (typography, colour, form) and dynamic brand identity systems.

Brand guidelines and digital support.

At the end of this workshop participants will have studied the main elements of brand strategies necessary to begin to create a brand identity project and will have a greater awareness of the creative process, learning how to create, express and communicate a brand of their own.

The workshop can be modified and tailored to meet specific aims and requirements. Agnese is also available on request to provide lectures or masterclasses.

DURATION: 3 days or 5 days

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Agnese to this email:

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