Marella – Human Shopping Experience

Marella is a fashion brand of the MaxMaraFashionGroup and is one of the most important international fashion houses with the aim of proposing “haute de gamme” women’s clothing.

The brand was founded in 1976 and offers glamorous, modern and easy-to-wear fashion.

Today, entering the store is a real 5-sensory experience. Inside the store there is a path called “Coat Sensation” which invites you to stop and experience shopping through the 5 senses.
The route is marked with stickers on the floor to show you where to stop.


1st. sense – HEAR ME
Through Spotfy you can listen to Marella’s play list during your shopping experience.











2nd. sense – TOUCH ME

You can touch and get to know the fabrics of the latest FW21 collection,
and many of these garments are high quality and eco-friendly.


3th. sense – LOOK ME

In front of a mirror you can take a photo of yourself in your chosen outfit
and send it to anyone for advice.


4th. sense –
While shopping you are offered water and a pill from Waterdrop, a joint venture with Marella, to drink inside the store and discover a new way to hydrate during the day


5th. sense –
Arranged on the tables are scented models of an old Marella coat with a flowery scent
that you can eventually take home and put in your wardrobe.



Marella brand, like many other brands, is taking the direction towards a holistic brand.
The holistic approach means understanding the gaps and needs of customers and filling them with what the brand offers and creating experiences by solving their problems.

People choose Marella not only for what she does,  but also for who she is and how she makes you feel.
Every activity she does for her customers is an experience where you never get bored.

The initiatives of this change are many, such as shopping online and then picking up the items directly from the store, or shopping via whatup or video call with a personal stylist who can give you advice and send your purchases directly to your home free of charge. Or smart shopping where you get your clothes at home, try them on and keep only the ones you like best.

In recent months many brands have begun to take this kind of approach to the customer, where the brand is much closer to the customer as a human being expert in something they want to share and sell.

This is what happens in the Marella store and in all the stores of the MaxMaraFashion Group.
Try it to believe it!

Marella website


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