Ralph Lauren Cafè in New York.

Ralph’s Coffee you must see at least once in your life.
This store is located on the Madison street and when I visited it for my first time I was very impressed.

The cafè is much smaller than I expected but is perfect place to enjoy a very good cafe in a quiet place and away from the noise of the big city like New york.

New York has café in on every corner but Ralph’s Cafè is very special.

The brand identity is classic design, the same style that you notice when walk into any Ralph Lauren store.

The logo is simple cup with the name Ralph’s coffee, very elegant and classical. The white script logo on a green background and the richness of the different types take us back in time, but at the same time make us dream of a lost atmosphere. The furnishings are all white, untouchable, representing freedom, peace, positive sensations referring to purity and enhancing the surroundings..

The perfect balance of class and style that allows consumers to perceive this identity in a simple, authentic, unique way that will last forever and never get tired. I love this place.

<< I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.>>  Ralph Lauren

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Photos taken by me.


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