What is the human brand why does is matter?

If it is true that branding helps to define who we are, what we do, and how we relate to the world, I believe that in recent years we haven’t done enough, or at least we have’nt done it in the right direction with what is happening around us. The fight against climate change, the search for greener technologies to save the environment, green food, green power are just a few examples of how much we talk about awareness and respect for nature and what we could do in the next years.

Brand strategy is full of concepts like vision, mission, values of a brand, sometimes writing made up stories to stand out and be seen in the market. In addition, through digital platforms we receive a lot of similar information and it is difficult to stand out.

Today branding is also changing and brand designer are moving towards a greater awareness where the perception of the value of a brand is not only about what you do, but also who you are and what is your vision in the world, why you exist and what you do in this world to keep your promise if you want to shout it to the world.

We need to believe in something more authentic, more deep where using a brand means immersing yourself in its world where every activity involves every sense and contributes to generating authentic emotions and atmospheres.

So what is the right way to create a brand today
and how do you communicate?

Until now, the brand has focused on a specific business, If you are a beauty and health brand you will want to talk about that, if you are a quality shoes brand you will be known for the design of your shoes and that’s it.

You want to live only with your business and you don’t care to relate to your customers, to be their friend.
You are a professional and you know how to do your job well. Your strategy and graphic identity will be designed so that this image meets your objectives and becomes the best in your business.

Today things are changing and you are moving towards a holistic brand approach, it means creating a brand with more facets and different aspects that allows you to change and evolve with time and if you have a big idea you have to express it in a deeper way.

Relate with customers as a human being who is an expert in something that he wants to share and sell. Understand the gaps of customers and fill them with what you can offer and recreate experiences by solving their problems.

What do you want? What else?

People who are looking for you, choose you, they don’t so only because of what you do but also because of who you are. Every activity is an experience for the brand and they will never get bored with you. Generally those who choose the holistic brand are non-conformists, free spirited, brave and determined. “Showing more facets of your brand will be your mission.”

Up to now, brands are perceived as reference figures who want to be them but are distant, while holistic brands are perceived as approachable models, possible in full harmony with the customer. Today’s brand is more constructed but doesn’t mean false, while the holistic is more authentic, true and has humanity.

Which approach to choose?

Choose the one that suits you best and do it well.

Creating a brand, whether it is a product, an event or a company, has to be one big immersive journey and creating a visual identity has to be an emotional experience, made of colours, signs, images and emotional relationships with the customer. This process if you choose the holistic approach should not be heartless.

The brand designer will help you in all of this. He is not a technician but a collaborative partner who supports you in this journey to make it stronger, more versatile, more lasting and recognisable.

We work together! Are you ready?

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