Handicraft Workshop in Rome

Creativity and design in Rome’s artisanal workshop.

This tour has been developed for students of Design and Fashion Design, or anyone who wishes to learn more about the creativity and design of Rome’s art and craft workshops.

Agnese will accompany you around some unique locations to meet artists and designers whose expertise has been handed down from one generation to the next and where quality, originality and research have always been cornerstones of their work.

Just a few decades ago, when giving directions, Romans wouldn’t refer to street names or piazzas but to the names of particular shops and workshops that had become part of the collective memory.

It is precisely in these areas that we can still find laboratories specialized in the art of ceramics and glass next to the workshops of artisans-wood artists, weavers and bookbinders, goldsmiths, mosaicists, carvers, such as small workshops dedicated to the creation of theatrical masks, or laboratories for the restoration of dolls, or chandeliers or even glass objects.

These art and design workshops are a unique piece of the history of the city of Rome, a precious heritage to discover, protect and safeguard and from which to draw inspiration.

This tour aims to introduce participants to a different part of Rome, one where artists dream, create and toil each day to showcase their handiwork, a facet of Roman creativity that does not receive the recognition and promotion that it deserves.


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