The Best Luxury Digital Brands!

The 5 best luxury Digital Brands are Bentley, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Chanel.
A new form of communication, called digital communication, was created several years ago.
Now communication is no longer one-way, but a cultural and content exchange between
brand and consumer.

In contrast to what happened in the past, digital communication
has allowed attention to be focused on the consumer and a strong
bond to be established with him.

How did they do this?

Thanks to websites, social networks, DEM direct email marketing and search engines, Bentley, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co and Chanel have discovered a new way to emerge, the best in the web. These websites are no longer spotlight websites since they interact with the consumer, they involve him and encourage him to participate through apps and parallel platforms. To develop customer loyalty is not easy, consumers need reasons for becoming attached to the brand and for keeping up with the news about it. This can be done by proposing a form of storytelling, i.e. stories that are related to the target market and of interest to it. By experiencing emotions linked to the brand, the consumer feels involved even after he has made his purchase.

And what role do graphics play in all this? What can we do us branding designer?

Graphics are fundamental because they attract, but the real game is played by content, increasingly crucial when it comes to catching people’s attention and stimulating brand loyalty, appreciation and “must buy” processes.

So let’s get a closer look at some of the best brand.


Burberry is considered one of the best digital fashion brands
recognized by
Millward Brown’s latest BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands Report of theFinancial Times
and the Top of digital thinktank L2’s 2015 Fashion Digital report.

The creative designer is Christopher Bailey, who spent 12 years transforming a stuffy British brand in to a high-tech digital one. He first worked with Angela Ahrendts, who left in 2014 for a position at Apple. You get a positive impact when you connect to the website. The graphics create a clean and uncluttered effect. White is the dominating color and the style is elegant and neat, as is the brand.

The menu for selecting the different areas is clearly visible on the left:
The section that caught my eye the most was the “Art of Trench” area, a social media platform launched in 2014 as a living document of the trench coat and the people, world-wide, who wear it like an emblem of their personal style. The consumer is asked to upload photos of ordinary people wearing the iconic trench coat.

Burberry Acoustic
is the section where you can listen to live performances of upcoming and established British artists.

There’s also a section dedicated to the history of the brand. It includes a film shot in just 6 days written by Matt Charman, who was nominated for an Academy Award for the best original screenplay of his 2015 film Bridge of Spies, directed by Steven Spielberg.
The film tells the tale of Thomas Burberry, who established the company at the age of 21 and invented gabardine, the fabric still used to make the iconic trench coat. It also reveals how the Burberry family supported Ernest Shackleton the acclaimed polar explorer who wore the innovative gabardine fabric on three expeditions, and pilot Betty Kirby-Green who, in 1937, completed a record-breaking round-trip from England to Cape Town in “The Burberry” plane.
The casting, colors, acting, details of the visuals and the music are so beautiful…. and all scenes have been shot and directed with the utmost care to detail.

Another tech-driven initiative is Burberry Kisses, a 2013 collaboration with Google that allows users to kiss their touch screens and send their “lip prints” to loved ones.


Check pattern Burberry

There are lots of other, in my opinion, brilliant ideas like the way the bags are designed, the packaging used for fragrances and how the gabardine trench coat has been re-vamped. By now, the check pattern has taken root in the collective imagination. The products are of the highest quality and the image is clearly recognizable.
The company’s main fashion house focuses on and distributes ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics. Burberry was already famous more than a century ago thanks to the well-known phase used by King Edward VII to instruct his valet: “Fetch me my Burberry.”

By Agnese Angelini

Other best luxuary brands:
Tiffany & Co
Louis Vuitton


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