Chili Box. Greek Frozen Yogurt!

Chili Box is a little red box with a  combination of natural, fresh low fat Frozen Yogurt.
This brand after achieving the leader’s position in Greece now is the leadership position in the International market of Greek Frozen Yogurt in the world. The largest ammount stores are in Greece and also in USA and north Europe.  Frozen yogurt Chillbox is a wholesome dessert with low calories and low fat made from 100% fresh greek low – fat milk. You can eat every day! 🙂

The graphic is very simple, minimal and the red box packaging is concise and functional.
you can take it away, eat it and keep your hands clean!

The brand is designed by 2 YOLK  studio in Athens.

They told about this project: “Chillbox came to us having already the logo and a first shop in Patras and asked that we develop a branded environment that communicates the Chillbox philosophy. We aimed to bestow a fun, cool dimension to the main characteristic of the brand, the cube packaging in which they serve their frozen yogurt, thus we created the slogan “Chillbox.
Pleasure in a box” and designed all environmental graphic communications. Chillbox is today the largest Greek Frozen Yogurt chain of stores in the world.”


A special thank to the guys of Chilibox store of Santorini  for their willingness and kindness.
Their Store is in the center of greek island and the Yogurth is amazing!
Try to believe!

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Written by Agnese Angelini

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