Fashion loves graphic design

In the last years many fashion designer of the new generation design clothes that are true works of art and also have a great component of graphic design.

Many fashion brands require the role of the graphic designer within their own maison who, having advanced graphic skills, is able to collaborate and create textures, signs and images. They design them well, design them qualitatively well. The best fashion designers of the new generation create collections characterized by a strong design ranging from typography, to manipulation of digital images, textures., for a young competent and alternative target.

Many of them have a background in graphic design, and many others are born as communication agencies and then launch new brands. I could mention some of them such as Delapan Batik, Image Studio, Frame Denim, Acnè studio, Heron Preston, Ambush, Fragment, Viktor&Rolf, Kenzo, Paul Smith, Maison Margiela, and many others and it was easy for them to create in perfect synergy between fashion and design.

The collaboration between fashion designer and graphic designer/art director becomes closer and closer especially during fashion shows to create backdrops, sets, suggestions and installations but not only….

Today I think it’s difficult to separate fashion from graphic design, both for the creativity of the clothes and also for the visual identity of the brand from the graphics of the logo, the typography on the products, up to the contents of social media and advertising campaigns. Together they can get a great result!

The choice of an image, to create a strong visual identity in order to be always recognizable, must be designed by a graphic designer with high branding skills, which at the same time can be integrated with the creativity of a fashion designer, which will combine beauty and functionality. Fashion and brand design can therefore work in perfect synergy, in a single creative process, to give life to a universe made of shapes, colors, lines and spaces where fashion inspires and influences it.

Today young fashion designers have knowledge of basic design, digital media, interaction design, branding, information design, photography, all necessary to create a perfect fashion brand.

In the future we will have more and more prepared and competitive fashion designers or we will have more and more graphic designers working for them in the Maison. So we will expect more and more competitive creativity with transversal skills that will increasingly join the distance between jobs.

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